Adihana School

Adihana means Village of Hannah, Mother of the Virgin Mary.

A-CET graduate Construction Engineer Habteslassie (pictured right) will be supervising all construction work at Adihana this year.

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July 07 - Classroom block and still digging away for the Deep Trench Latrine (DTL)!

With generous multi-funding from Band Aid Trust, John Humphries Kitchen Table Charities Trust, Communicado, 4i2i, Maersk, GIN, Coornhert Gymnasium, Dulverton Trust, Glenmore Trust and other anonymous donors - work is now progressing well.

Their first desks arrive and are handed over to School Director Goitham by EYES Manager Bisrat

Previously children were having to walk for hours to attend school. On the initiative of the village, promised teachers by the government, they decided to build their own school. This is a poor farming area - but these are tough resilent and hard working people who do not complain nor wait for things to happen.
In 2006 we supported this community and within months, classrooms were completed with good floors, doors and windows and desks delivered - everything local.
The opening was a day of such uninhibited joy from a whole community. This is where your money goes, direct to community selected small self-sustaining projects, no middle men, no bureaucratic delays, no corruption, no “lost” percentages.
These youngsters’ better future will depend on education. Their parents, often uneducated, illiterate and innumerate themselves, are now realizing this and allowing their children to attend school.
A-CET, with your help, can make these childrens’ school experience and their whole future, better and brighter - and they deserve nothing less. This is our mission, to improve access of all children to education and these types of project help to fulfill it.

Dedication day on 9 Oct and in bright new classrooms

Pledge an "ethical" gift for your special friends

For £20 you can donate one local made with local materials double desk-set delivered to an Ethiopian school. This is a gift that will last over 10 years - far better than unsolicited expensive goats or patronising “shoe-boxes” full of unwanted often unsuitable items that end up being sold in the market.
Contact and he will send a “thank you” gift certificate and photo to your friend.

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