Circus Selam

A-CET supports these now 80 youngsters. Visit Circus Selam blog updated 18 Oct 07.

David with the Circus Selam group in their National Costume, with new generator -

David watches juggler dancing around 8 balls and the Award winning band rehearsing in a local hall

Visit by Pauline Wilson-Clark 20 Jul 07 & entertaining all at the Aderak School Opening Oct 2006

Circus Selam is a voluntary initiative youth club based in Mekelle started in 1999 for boys and girls aged between 8 to 17, all in full-time education. It fosters the importance of education, and through drama, music and circus, promotes awareness of civic responsibility, anti rape, physical/sexual abuse and Aids. Circus Selam provides a structure of loving supportive care with team-work and discipline.
A-CET/EYES, is delighted to support their education and be associated with this vibrant group of bright talented and dedicated - but otherwise vulnerable youngsters.