Ethiopian images 2006

Final year student photographer Ryan Bonner visited our work in Ethiopia last year.
He is a winner in the International Shoot Nations 2007 photo competition.
We are proud to be associated with Ryan and wish him a successful future career. Below are a selection of his evocative images. Enigma Images ©

These images are mostly taken at Aderak/Adihana Schools during their dedication ceremonies

Contemplative Polytechic student Kudus at home

Children look on, older ones listen to a radio. With more places they can go to school next year?

Mekelle Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Centre - Partner to EYES, where our disabled students are from

Why Ethiopia? I’ve lived & worked in many African countries for over four decades and have been the grateful humble recipient of so many kindnesses. By any measure, Ethiopia is not a rich country in resources, other than its incredible people. Ethiopia, previously Abyssinia, is the cradle of civilization, home of the earliest humanoid skeletons. For long it was forgotten and is still misreported and misunderstood. It is a fascinatingly beautiful and varied country steeped in its unique history and culture. Ethiopians are an intelligent, hard working, justifiably proud and fiercely honest people. For me it is my honour, privilege and pleasure to work with such a gentle, dignified and courteous people. Please help us to help them retain their rightful place in the world - David.