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Summer 2011 newsletter

African Childrens Educational Trust
African Children's Educational Trust

Extensive schools upgrading programme for over 5,000 students in the Tigray Region of Northern Ethiopia

We have installed solar power electricity and radio power points in three schools at Adihana, Adibaekel and Gumselasa.

We have introduced mains electricity in two schools at Dansa, Dejen and Hagere Selam. These allow the schools to run evening “extension” classes for those farmers' children who are unable to attend day school and also help mature students who wish to become literate and numerate.

We have also installed a 15 station solar-powered computer training laboratory (a first for Ethiopia!) and have provided an instructor teaching basic computer literacy to over 250 students and ten future teacher trainers. Due to the immense popular demand created we hope to equip another school with computer training facilities very soon.

We are building a new library at Gumselasa School as the previous library is now being used for computer training. We have also just started to build a 20 classroom school at Ziban Albe Full Elementary to accommodate over 1,200 students.

Altogether our rural community schools are now providing over 5,000 students with free, better quality, high grade education facilities closer to their villages.

We are supporting a local initiative to build a Technical & Vocational Education Training (TVET) facility in Adigudom, the local district capital, by building one of their classroom blocks.

Additionally, we continue to support over 280 students with long-term fully inclusive scholarships.

All of A-CET’s locally selected students are vulnerable; often orphans, the abandoned and/or disabled. Nevertheless, they all achieve gainful employment or self-employment within six months of graduating.


A-CET student Mebrat from Samre

20 year old student Mebrat was born in Samre, a small market town about two hours west of the regional capital Mekelle where we are based. Samre suffered badly during the civil war period and she grew up with her elderly grandmother as both her parents had died. Her only other relative is a half brother. After passing her Grade 10 national examination she came to Mekelle and gained a place at Avyssinia Medical College where after three years’ study she graduated with a Diploma in Pharmacy. She is short-listed for employment at a private pharmacy in her home town of Samre where she hopes now to be able to look after her aging grandmother. When asked what A-CET/EYES meant to her she said that her sponsorship has changed her life.


A-CET student Lewte from Adigudom

21 year old Lewte’s father died in the civil war and his mother died of cancer when he was four years old. As a result, he was brought up by an elder sister who sadly died about three years ago. Lewte was from the small market town of Adigudom, about an hour’s drive south of Mekelle, where he came to study as a Laboratory Technician, and also at the Avyssinia Medical College. He and his disabled brother worked as shoe shiners to help subsidize college and living expenses. Since graduating he has been working part-time as a Laboratory Assistant at Saint Asema’s Medical Laboratory. Not only does he still help his disabled brother shine shoes, but he also takes responsibility for the welfare of his dead sister’s 10 year old son. Life is still tough for Lewte, but the confidence boosting education provided by A-CET/EYES provides him with more and better opportunities. He says he is happy and that the support and advice received has been invaluable.


Please help us

NONE of these achievements would be possible without the vital support of all our dedicated and fully committed donors. For this continued contribution we all feel a great sense of gratitude. One donor example amongst many is that of the three young lads who are cycling to Monte Carlo and have already raised nearly £15,000 for us. Please support them.

Thank you.

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