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Six new cultural dancers for EYES CircusIMG

Young men Goytom, Kibrom & Ashenafi with young ladies Helen, Genet & Rigiat are all senior students who have been dancing together for five years, reaching high standards in all Ethiopian cultural dances. We are proud that they have joined our Circus, Band & Cultural Dance Troupe and we believe it is very important that we help keep alive this important part of Ethiopia's cultural heritage.

A-CET/EYES supports the voluntary circus group of forty plus students with premises, equipment, costumes and logistical back-up; but all their training and shows are on their own initiative. With little else to do in Mekelle except football (EYES has two youth teams) or cycling, circus is very popular. In addition to physical fitness it inculcates a sense of team-work and belonging, whilst giving them all a great sense of achievement and self-confidence. Whilst A-CET/EYES is primarily an educational support charity, over twenty of our ex-students, after having completed minimally Grade 10, have performed overseas in Europe, the USA and on cruise ships - certainly their overseas remittances contribute to Ethiopia's income. With graduating students and those going overseas the Circus members are constantly needing new entrants.

Student profiles

Yared Tekeste
High scoring ever cheerful 13 year old student Yared together with many others, takes his National Grade 8examination in June 2014 for promotion to Secondary School. But Yared is not only a high scoring student but at about 30 kilograms also a high flyer in our circus "Icarus" act. Yared is keen to complete his education although perhaps he is dreaming of joining his big sister who is performing in a Las Vegas show.

Dansa, Dejen new classroom opening


Since this school was built in 2010, student registrations have far exceeded expectations necessitating the construction of another four classroom block in local stone. Work started in Dec 2013 and was completed & furnished with electricity installed for the opening on 3 May 2014. Drs Marco Oehenshlager & family from Coornhert Gymnasium were Guests of Honour at a ceremony attended by senior dignatories and all the Dansa community. The EYES Circus entertained an enthralled audience with music, circus and cultural dancing.

Schools are built and maintained by the local communities meaning that villagers have a real sense of ownership and that this development is truly sustainable, not least because the Ethiopian Government, which ranks in the top ten countries in the world in terms of spending on education (as a percentage of government spending)1, is committed to training and providing a teacher for every classroom that is built. Indeed Ethiopia is one of the few countries on schedule to have already met the Millennium Development Goals for education, we hope that A-CET/EYES - with other educational charities - have paid a small part in this success.

1 Source: World Bank/UNESCO 2010 25.37% of government expenditure on education, ranking 9th in the world.

EYES 10th Anniversary


EYES, the Ethiopian charity implementing the A-CET programmes, was ten years old this year. Its achievements were celebrated in grand form starting with a parade of students through Mekelle streets on Sat 17 May; followed by a full programme of entertainment in Romanet Square on Sunday - attended by delighted thousands.

EYES has made some great achievements in the ten years since its registration. Building and furnishing ten high quality elementary eight grade community oriented schools in remote villages bringing free places to over 10,000 students where before few existed is significant in itself.

But with over 200 scholarship students graduating, EYES now can boast a wide variety of highly competent youngsters in high-profile positions all contributing towards Ethiopian development: Scientific Researchers, Medical Doctors, Veterinarian Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Teachers, University Tutors, Architects, Civil, Electrical, Computer & Mechanical Engineers, Systems Analysts, IT personnel, Economists, Accountants, Drivers, Mechanics, Construction workers, Carpenters, Plumbers, Painters, Artists, Musicians - the list is endless. Well done EYES!

Please help us

We still have nearly 200 students on monthly scholarships: 36 at elementary school, 55 at secondary school, 32 at pre-university and over 70 at college or university. All these students need our regular support. And there are more schools to be built. But none of this work could be achieved without the continuing vital support of all our dedicated and committed donors. Can you help please?

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