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New students still need sponsors

Thank you for your interest in supporting an A-CET student. Few of these children would be able to attend full-time school without your support. We have a few destitute orphaned or disabled children awaiting sponsorship.
Sponsorships are £10 per month (£15 for disabled) which can sponsor a named child. All know the value of education as a way forward and out of a life-cycle of poverty.
Your sponsorship should be a long-term commitment and it will change your child’s life immeasurably for the better. Your child’s progress will be documented annually in our Report. All your sponsorship money goes to the student; we absorb our costs.
This money pays for everything such as: School uniform & footwear plus books, pens, school fees and two meals a day. If a student gets sick we arrange treatment.
You may write to your child at the address below, but please be aware that most students are far away in rural areas without postal facilities. Although we translate your letters, few will be able to reply until in Grade 10 or higher, and again postal; facilities are rare. There is no need to post “things”, postal services are not always reliable, all our children have access to everything they need and jealousies may occur if some children get packets and others not.
To sponsor, go to donate. If you have a UK bank account, you may sign up on-line. If you are a UK taxpayer, please tick that box. If you are overseas, please donate through the World Pay/Future Pay link. When signed up you may request boy/girl, able/disabled and we will send you details and a photo of your student.
All our children are locally selected through the relevant involved bodies, often abandoned, orphans and/or disabled with little or no support. From experience and as policy we are not able to accept children selected from any other sources.
For more information, please go to our implementing partner EYES web-site’s FAQ.

Postal Address for students:

c/o Ato Bisrat Mesfin, EYES Manager, PO Box 839, Mekelle, Tigrai Region, Ethiopia quoting student reference number and name.

Funds needed for general support

General donations are always needed and perhaps more appreciated. They go into our general fund to help us support over 350 Aids orphans (who are not individually sponsored) and upgrade elementary schools. School projects are an effective use of funds, benefiting more children over a longer time. Please contact