Circus Selam

The vibrant group that combines education with entertainment

David meets Circus Selam & in their National Costume with their new generator

Visit by Pauline Wilson-Clark 20 Jul 07 & entertaining all at the Aderak School Opening Oct 2006

Circus Selam is a registered local NGO comprised of a voluntary initiative youth club based in Mekelle. Boys & girls aged 8 to 25, all in full-time education are members. It fosters the importance of education, & through drama, music & circus, promotes awareness of civic responsibility, anti rape, physical/sexual abuse & Aids.

A-CET/EYES support the full scholarships of up to 80 youngsters and education takes priority over rehearsals with good study facilities available in their rehearsal hall. All students have done better at school since joining CS. Many children are from deprived backgrounds, orphaned, abandoned or displaced. Circus Selam provides a structure of loving supportive care with team-work and in a disciplined environment.

Mahider Creative Arts Centre Rehearsal Hall

The band perform modern & cultural music & Mahider Creative Arts Centre - where they rehearse

Circus Selam perform regularly, this year for the Millennium & many other local organizations, generally freely or for expenses. It has also taken part in the local film “Masho” and competing against professionals, won the 2007 National Music Awards.

Circus Selam perform before 2,500 youngsters in the Hawelti Hall

Circus Selam delighted an invited audience of school children and overseas visitors at their biggest show yet in Oct 07. Their continually improving & imaginative routines were breathtaking and wowed us all. A visiting much travelled donor said their show was “Highly professional and of an impressive international standard”

Circus Selam is recognized by the Bureau of Youth, Sports & Culture as doing “outstanding work for the youth of Tigray” and has quickly risen to become the premier youth/circus group in the region. To avoid it continuing to borrow/rent equipment and to work towards early self-sufficency, A-CET/EYES with gifts, has underwritten its initial establishment. Circus Selam has its own management structure currently advised by EYES, but we expect it to soon become self-supporting.

A selection of Circus Selam members looking for sponsors

These boys and girls aged 13-19 from Grades 5 to 11 are among many who need your support (£10/€15/US$20 a month), in the first instance please contact David.

A-CET/EYES, is delighted to support their education and be associated with this vibrant group of bright talented and dedicated - but otherwise vulnerable youngsters.