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Students Graduate 2006

Ezana Dip Phys Educ, Jambo & Tammy Dip Auto Tech, Joseph Cert Electrician - all graduated in 2006

Equaba BSc Nat Sciences, Eshetu Dip Marketing, Rahel BSc Comp Science/IT, G/Hiwot Hailu BA (Eng)

Weldekidan with Gebreabzgi, BSc Computer Science. Birhan graduates with an Agriculture Diploma.

These students graduated in Computer Science, Education, Natural Sciences, Marketing, Auto-Technician and Agriculture. With these qualifications all are already in paid gainful employment, with two continuing their further education. Our hearty congratulations; together this is exactly what we are aiming for.

Students Graduate 2007

Sincere congratulations to these strong young people on their achievements.

Abadi G/Yesus BA Econ, with Binyam EYES Asst Manager Tekleselassie BA Business Studies (own resources), Gebreegziabher Lemma, BA Cooperative Studies, Desta BA Accounts

Brothers Abey & Rufael Graduate with BSc (Medicine) and BA (Marketing), Enda Certificate (Computer Operator) & Asqual Diploma (Kindergarten Teacher)

From L-R Zaid Dip (Computer Science), Binyam BA (Business), Meron Dip (Computer Science), Girmay BSc (Computer Engr), Teklay Dip Construction, and Abadi BA (History), Asst Director of Circus Selam

Sammy graduates with an MPhil in Computational Biology at Cambridge. Presentation of Student of Year Award by Dr Matt Berriman, Scientist at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute where Sammy is a Malaria Genome Researcher prior to his PhD. Visit by Bisrat Mesfin EYES Manager, May 2008

Students Graduate 2008

Ysakor BA (Mgt), Joseph Dip Electrician., AA. Tamrat Dip Music, Kibrom BSc (Comp Science)

Ysakor obtained one of the highest grades with 3.35 and was personally congratulated by Dr Fiseha Eshetu, President of Unity University. He is now in UK to do an MBA and support the A-CET UK Office. Against strong competition, Joseph has obtained employment with the Ethiopian Electric & Power Authority before he graduates this August. Tamrat graduated with his Diploma in Music (Saxophone) & is seen being congratulated by Dean Ahmed Reja of Mekelle College. He is already playing professionally and hopes to cut his first disk soon. Kibrom graduated with the high grade of 3.19. We congratulate these young men.

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