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Students Graduate 2006

Ezana Dip Phys Educ, Jambo & Tammy Dip Auto Tech, Joseph Dip Electronics - all graduated in 2006

Equaba BSc Nat Sciences, Eshetu Dip Marketing, Rahel BSc Comp Science/IT, G/Hiwot Hailu BA (Eng)

Weldekidan with Gebreabzgi, BSc Computer Science. Birhan graduates with an Agriculture Diploma.

These students graduated in Computer Science, Education, Natural Sciences, Marketing, Auto-Technician and Agriculture. With these qualifications all are already in paid gainful employment, with two continuing their further education. Our hearty congratulations; together this is exactly what we are aiming for.

Students Graduate 2007

Sincere congratulations to these strong young people on their achievements.

Abadi G/Yesus BA Econ, with Binyam EYES Asst Manager Tekleselassie BA Business Studies (own resources), Gebreegziabher Lemma, BA Cooperative Studies, Desta BA Accounts

Brothers Abey & Rufael Graduate with BSc (Medicine) and BA (Marketing), Asqual Diploma (Kindergarten Teacher) & Enda Certificate (Computer Operator)

From L-R Zaid Dip (Computer Science), Binyam BA (Business), Meron Dip (Computer Science), Girmay BSc (Computer Engr), Teklay Dip Construction, and Abadi BA (History), Asst Director of Circus Selam