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Frequently asked questions

1. What do we do?

We help locally selected vulnerable youngsters access better local education to the maximum of their ability. These are often orphans, the abandoned or disabled.

2. Where do we do it?

In Ethiopia, mainly but not exclusively in the north.

3. Why do we do it?

To meet a great need, a willingness to learn and a belief that education is key to all development. “The overwhelming conclusion is that aid for basic education can help, does help and is effective” - Riddell R C OUP “Does Foreign Aid Really Work” p192

4. How do we do it?

Giving long-term local scholarships and helping rural communities upgrade/built their government-run schools.

5. What does it cost?

To keep a student at school costs minimally £12 a month for up to 15 years.
To build and basically equip an eight grade school for 400/800 children £120,000.

6. How do we pay for it?

Student scholarship through individual donors. To build schools through international private funding trusts, schools, clubs and individual philanthropists.

7.Is it true that giving money to developing countries creates dependency and encourages corruption?

In some cases this may be correct but never with us. We support two programmes, student sponsorship and whilst they depend on us for their scholarships, these are adequate but not over generous. Minimally this equips them to have more options to become independent after completing their course/s. All your donation is paid monthly directly to the student if over 16 or to their parents or carers if younger.

Our other programme is upgrading and building community-initiative but goverment run free attendance country schools. The community do not become dependent on us as we are helping them with a school that they have already started to build but rarely will have the resources to finish to any acceptable standard. We handle all the money and closely supervise all stages of the construction. After completion the school is handed over to the community and is self-sufficient from day one. In the area where we work we can state with absolute conviction that there is no corruption at any stage of our work. We neither tolerate corruption nor waste and those officials with whom we work are totally commited and dedicated to supporting us. Be assured that ALL your donations goes to the projects or the sponsorship students.

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Confident high achieving undergraduates Ezana & Meareg
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Youth is the hope of our future.
Jose Rizal, Phllippines Revolutionary Hero


Please help us educate Ethiopian children

Education brings with it the best chance of defeating poverty, better parenting, better health, better nutrition, greater opportunity and a direct line to economic growth. Please help us educate Ethiopians to develop Ethiopia. Your donation will be used wisely and efficiently. Use the form below to donate via PayPal, or click on one of the buttons on the right for other options.

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