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Sponsors may note that some students have completed their education either by graduating or reaching their maximum potential.
In this instance your sponsorship will, with your permission, be transferred to another non-sponsored student. Preferences can be requested and/or details obtained by contacting David direct on [email protected] .

How does our student sponsorship work?

If you sponsor a student, that student's family head (if under 16) either collects that full amount of money you donate on a monthly or bi-monthly basis from our office in Mekelle City. If they live faraway, the money is sent by bank transfer to their nearest bank. Once the student is 16, if the family agree, the student takes their own responsibility for their money. This way they learn the value of money and how to budget it. All government education is fee free but students needs money for books, shoes, uniforms and in cities transport. Many of our students have no families and feed themselves, we help them with funds to furnish and rent a room. A "basic" scholarship is now £15 a month, but disabled students and those renting rooms get much more, often up to £25. Those students who pass Grade 10 but are unable to get a free government place often go to private colleges where fees are charged dependent on the course which we pay.
In addition to this financial support all our students get love, care and guidance to be able to manage themselves and contribute positively to society.
To our knowledge, no other charity student sponsorship scheme works like this where your donations may often be "pooled" to help a community or school. We believe our system works well and teaches all students to manage their allowances. We have built up and constantly refined this system over 18 years and we feel confident that it works well.


Summary Student State During the year 2014/15

During the year we had 164 full-time scholarship supported students, 58% boys, 42% girls; of whom 16% are registered disabled.
• 8 students graduated with degrees, two with Masters degrees in Archeology and Communications Engineering.
• 13 students received Diplomas
• 2 student received Certificates.
All these students have now left our scholarship scheme with a job seeking allowance to find employment - which most already have.
• 14 students left the scheme or we lost contact for a variety of reasons.

Key: Numbers = Grades, R = Repeat, P= Promoted
There are many accredited private colleges and 2 university colleges now in Mekelle. TVET is the Government Technical & Vocational Education Training Centre (with no fees but limited places and little choice of subject matter).

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Text ACET00 and up to 10 to 70070 to donate up to £10 to A-CET Give as you live Give with confidence Ezana BSc Elect Engr with highest grade & gets Cup 8 Aug 09
Ezana BSc Elect Engr with highest grade & gets Cup 8 Aug 09
In 2005 shepherd Meakelay wanted to go to school and is now Grade 8
In 2005 shepherd Meakelay wanted to go to school and is now Grade 8
Dave Stables' autobiography
To the young at heart everything is fun
Charles Dickens


Please help us educate Ethiopian children

Education brings with it the best chance of defeating poverty, better parenting, better health, better nutrition, greater opportunity and a direct line to economic growth. Please help us educate Ethiopians to develop Ethiopia. Your donation will be used wisely and efficiently. Use the form below to donate via PayPal, or click on one of the buttons on the right for other options.

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