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Donors who have visited Ethiopia

See this report by Gebremesekel Gebrekirstos, an Ethiopian living in the Netherlands following a visit to EYES.

“I visited A-CET in Ethiopia during July 2008 and was very impressed with what I saw. The charity's focused and efficient approach to long-term, locally managed, sustainable education is hard to fault. Bisrat Mesfin, a former A-CET student who manages the Ethiopian operations - is highly competent & committed. It is difficult to imagine a charity that makes more efficent and effective use of donations than A-CET.” - JEJ

“I was well looked after by EYES, your school projects are impressive, but better was your use of competent local staff who run everything.” - Oliver Harvey

“I've never known a charity that does even a quarter of what you are doing with the budget you have”. - Dr A Wassie

“A spectacular country ... I feel nostalgic for you all and see myself returning ... with your limited resources your work is incredible ... the most tangible way to express my thanks is to raise more funds.” - Angela Glendenning, see Angela's web-site

“You are doing so much that is so worthwhile, but I was made aware how very much more there is to do ... will re-double our fund-raising efforts.” - Iain Sachdev, GIN Milan

“Ethiopia is one of the safest, friendliest places I have visited in my extensive overseas travelling. Everything went according to schedule and whilst the historic and cultural sites were impressive, the memory that will stay with me forever is those happy school children singing their hearts out.” - Martyn Riley, School project donor

"A-CET and EYES are exactly what I expected and doing just what I thought and hoped. Congratulations on all you are doing" - Mark Gebbet

"I have had such a wonderful day today. Thanks for showing me around the schools. I was very impressed with the quality of the buildings, the commitment of the teachers and the enthusiasm of the students. Also I'm so impressed by the efficiency of the [A-CET/EYES} organization here [in Mekelle, Tigray]. It makes me so sure that the little bit I have done for A-CET is very worthwhile. Will be in touch on my return".
- HH Judge Nic Madge.
See Nic's web-site

"The trip has been fantastic, Ethiopia is great and the people are lovely. Everyone has been very friendly. EYES is a real credit to you and Bisrat, the schools are lovely. The (Circus) show today was amazing it made our whole trip; we felt very humbled. Our (sponsored) boys are gorgeous and it was so good to meet them. Thanks for all your organizing". - Captain & Mrs John Mekonnen, School & student sponsors

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Donor Martyn Riley's family are regular visitors - and supporters
Dave Stables' autobiography
Good primary education will lead to life-long learning
Barbara Butler


Please help us educate Ethiopian children

Education brings with it the best chance of defeating poverty, better parenting, better health, better nutrition, greater opportunity and a direct line to economic growth. Please help us educate Ethiopians to develop Ethiopia. Your donation will be used wisely and efficiently. Use the form below to donate via PayPal, or click on one of the buttons on the right for other options.

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