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From David:
I have lived and worked in Africa since 1964 yet, disturbed by sad stories of cylical famines and civil war, was somehow never drawn to Ethiopia. In 1993 following the fall of the Marxist “Dergue” regime and all its accompanying horrors of Red Terror killing squads, it was as a rather reluctant International Red Cross delegate that I tentively accepted a short six month contract to work in the Afar Region (Danakil Depression) of Ethiopia. If I had originally lost my heart to Africa many years ago, I lost it again when I went to Ethiopia. That I am still in Ethiopia 16 years later should say it all.

Ethiopia is the real Africa. Untouched by colonisation and with its many millennia of culture still intact - it has the most incredible barely known heritage. But it is not the epic scenery, nor its birds or wildlife, nor its Christian history going back to the third century, nor is its unique food that only attract - it is the people. These kind, proud, dignified and strong people who are so welcoming, kind and considerate. Whether you know or don't know Africa, if you have not visited Ethiopia, you can not truly say you know Africa.

But don't take my word for it. Go yourself for an experience of a life-time.

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Recommended Tour Agent

May we fully recommend Tony Hickey with a life times dedication and interest in Ethiopia and the Ethiopians of Ethiopian Quadrants with whom we are proud to have had a cooperative association for decades.

To help Ethiopia

If you're interested in Ethiopia and want to know more how to help, we recommend to you this excellent thought-provoking article by Gail Warden Open Season on Ethiopia

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Sulphurous Dalol at >50 degrees
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