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Adihana Full Elementary School #2

Adihana means Village of Hannah, Mother of Virgin Mary. With generous multi-funding from Band Aid Trust, John Humphries Kitchen Table Charities Trust, Communicado, 4i2i, Maersk, GIN, Coornhert Gymnasium, Dulverton Trust, Glenmore Trust, Angela Glendenning, Linda Piggott, Cathy Dodsworth and others - work was completed and officially handed over in December 2007.

Previously children were having to walk for hours to attend school. On the initiative of the village, with teachers by the government, initailly they decided to build their own school. This is a poor farming area - but these are tough resilent and hard working people who do not complain nor wait for things to happen.

These children who attend are from the poorest families, few have any footwear and boys often lack trousers, wearing long grubby vests. Some children were initially malnourished with dry cracked skin and world weary faces. This school, as with all we support, has an open-door policy and charges no fees.

Starting in 2006 we supported this community and within months, classrooms were completed with good floors, doors and windows and desks delivered - everything local. Following committed community labour with EYES supervision, in 2007 this is now a full elementary school of eight grades for 400/800 students.

These youngsters' better future will depend on education. Their parents, often uneducated, illiterate and innumerate themselves, now appreciate this and are allowing their children to attend school. A-CET, with your help, can make these children’s school experience and their whole future, better and brighter - and they deserve nothing less. This is our mission, to improve access of all children to education and these types of project help to fulfill it.


The school opening ceremony brought an immediate and palatable uplifting of community spirit and their justifiable pride. Their school has brought them closer free access and better long-term educational facilities to (in two shifts) over 800 of the most vulnerable rural youngsters, many of whom without this school, probably would not have this opportunity to attend any education at all. After opening, new school registrations increased considerably.


Education is a long-term investment. The impact on education and future poverty reduction whether locally, regionally or nationally can only be judged after years if not decades of implementation. Its measure of success is dependent on so many other factors beyond our control such as climate, harvests, general stability; that it makes us consider that in all honesty it would be disingenious of us to make any grand claims.

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Maebel using new blackboard
Just after opening Dec 2007


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