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Rural community full elementary & secondary schools constructed/upgraded by A-CET/EYES

Registrations Sept 2014

Explanatory Notes

  1. 6,046 students (with a virtual equal boy/girl mix are now freely attending nine Full Elementary & Secondary Schools where, prior to 2005 and A-CET/EYES school re-building project work, few places existed.
  2. In 2015, 375 students from six of these schools (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5 & #7) took their Grade 9 National examination and overall 87.5% passed to Secondary School (47 failed or dropped ou).
  3. Additionally five schools run Kindergarten (pre-school) classes on an informal community support basis. These registration/attendance figures: are not included.
  4. These nine Bureau of Education run schools have a potential capacity for over 10,000 students attending on double daily shift basis.
  5. All schools are equipped with basic local made furniture, have mains or solar electricity installed plus on-site dry latrines. Additionally all schools have on-site access to harvested water - provided by other charities.
  6. Classroom capacities are officially 50, but often circumstances dictate that they have to accommodate more.



  1. Fikre Alem
  2. Adihana
  3. Dansa Dejen
  4. Gumselasa
  5. Hagere Selam
  6. Adibaekel
  7. Ziban Albe
  8. Metego
  9. Hohole
  10. Abinet Residential Church School, St Michaels, Mekelle for orphan/abandoned/disabled boys only. Does not follow the Bureau of Education regular curriculum. (Classroom capacity 200 Residential capacity 112)


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