Support for rural primary schools in Tigrai, Ethiopia

Since we started operating in Ethiopia, national attendance at Primary Schools has risen from 25% to a staggering 60%, an incredible achievement by any standards. This has left some Primary Schools very basic and poorly equipped - often just walls and a roof with the children sitting on stones. We are currently helping two community built schools at Aderak and Adihana School with classroom and support buildings construction plus the purchase of their basic furniture requirements.

Can you help?

To complete these projects we desperately need more support please. A locally manufactured double-bench desk set including transport costs £20 and we need 180 more. Why not give one as a gift and dedicate it to a friend? We will send your friend a gift certificate. For further details please contact David on

“If you really want to help the poor of the third world, it is best to give the money to private charities that run low level projects on the ground”
Robert Whelan, Deputy Director of the independent think tank Civitas.