Computer training centres - CTC3 opens 13 Oct 06

Computer Training Centre 3 at Red Cross, Adigrat, Tigrai Region. New students registering

A-CET has helped to set up three Computer Training Centres (CTCs) in Northern Ethiopia. These are managed by the local Red Cross Society (ERCS). The CTCs target High School girl leavers each training 100+ as Computer Operators to equip them better for employment.
Thanks to support from Women of the Year Awards (WOYA),through ex-Red Cross famine nurse Claire Bertschinger, we have now established CTC3 at Adigrat.

A-CET wins two awards for computer training

Charity Awards 2003 International Aid & Development Category.

A-CET received a Commendation for its work in supporting the setting up of two CTCs for the Ethiopian Red Cross Society.

UN-Habitat "best practice" recognition 2004

A-CET was awarded a United Nations-Human Settlements Programme award for best practice to improve the environment for its work in setting up these two CTCs.