Other ways to help

Buy Nic Madge's Book one world, one view

one world one view where ALL the purchase price comes to A-CET
“The Trust is an outstanding and efficient charity. Education is perhaps the best way to combat poverty” - Lord Chief Justice at book launch

Buy Dr Claire Bertschinger's book

“Moving Mountains” ISBN 0385 65801X, published by Transworld Books - is still available. Recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Social Sciences from Brunel University, London. Holder of the Florence Nightingale Medal (1991), Bish Medal (1985) and Woman of the Year (2005),International Human Rights & Nursing Award (2007) - Claire was the Red Cross Nurse in Mekelle (A-CET’s base) during the Ethiopian famine interviewed by BBC’s Michael Buerk in 1984. Bob Geldof was motivated by this interview to launch Band Aid/Live Aid. A fascinating read. Royalties from this book help A-CET.
“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones” - Confucius

Pledge an "ethical" gift for your special friends

For £60 you can donate this local made bunk-bed with mattress & blankets for a residential school we support. Or for £20 you can donate a double desk-set. This is a gift that will last over 10 years - better than expensive goats or unsolicited “shoe-boxes”! Contact and he will send a “thank you” gift certificate and photograph to your friend.

Donor visits to sponsored students/projects

We are happy to welcome and host groups of up to 3 or 4 who wish to visit their sponsored students/projects, but please make your own travel/visa arrangements to Mekelle. We regret that we lack the capacity or infrastructure to host larger groups.
On arrival we can make hotel bookings & travel arrangements for your visits. Most of our activities are in poor remote rural non-tourist areas. Please be aware that the culture clash by the sight of over-seas visitors - so rich by local standards - can be a discomforting spectacle. Bisrat, our EYES Manager at is an experienced independent Tour Operator and, given prior warning, can arrange tourist trips for you. He can advise you generally both before and during your visits and fix transport, accommodation and a guide/interpreter.
Ethiopia doesn’t have a highly developed “tourism” infrastructure. Some services are quite basic and medical facilities for foreigners may not always be available.
All this is compensated for by a beautiful historic country with absolutely charming, cultured, highly intelligent and welcoming people whose smiles will melt your hearts. Be assured, any visit you make will be unforgettable - and probably change your life.

Send us your unwanted foreign currency/notes

We deal with Coin Co International plc who collect, process and credit A-CET.

To help Ethiopia read this

If you’re interested in Ethiopia and want to know more how to help, we recommend to you this excellent thought-provoking article by Gail Warden Open Season on Ethiopia.

Visit the Africa Guide

For a complete and comprehensive guide to every country in Africa visit Africa Guide

Donations in kind

We do not have the resources to process & forward donated items, thank you. If you have good books (less than 10 years old) please contact Bookaid on 0800 0939394 or or if you have surplus computers (minimum Pentium 100) please contact Computeraid on 020 7281 0091 or

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