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Michael Buerk

“I have only been supporting A-CET for a short time but, through them I am able to help a young Ethiopian family of which I am fond. Through A-CET the young father is getting the training that will give him and his family a better life. My experience so far is that this is the sort of small-scale, personal project that really makes a difference to the people with whom it works. I like the way A-CET keeps me informed about how my (modest) contributions are being used”. - Michael Buerk, BBC 2001

“I’ve just read your report and watched the DVD. You and your helpers are to be congratulated on an excellent job. Both are so clearly & well presented but not at the expense of content and interest. I wish all charities were like yours as this is the way forward by encouraging self-help as well as mere financial support” - Norma Collins

“I’ve watched the 2007 DVD and read the report which are both very informative. It’s so good to be able to picture the school, children & grand opening. What an amazing achievement!! You must feel very proud of everything has been achieved so far through A-CET and EYES. I don’t know how on earth you’ve done it or do it. Thanks once again for all you do.” - Jackie Pugsley.

“At last a charity aimed at helping Africa ... totally worthwhile & honourable” - DW

“Your (A-CET) Report very inspiring ... good to know the help is going where it’s needed ... privilege to help.” - Julia Price

“A-CET’s work in Ethiopia has vastly improved the lives of so many of the children it supports ... (A-CET) is lean and efficient ... arguably one of the most efficient charities working in Africa”. - Martha Kearney BBC

“We are attracted to sponsor by your long-term commitment to students and their well being. We see immediately where our money goes and how the children benefit ... God bless you and the work you are doing” - Val & Norman Plummer

“Your 2007 DVD is a terrific piece of work that really brings to life the characters & projects that make A-CET such a wonderful charity” - David Bond - Green Lions

“I was extremely impressed by your knowledge and dedication. I am convinced that I couldn’t have donated the money in a better way. You’ve organised the most marvellous projects ... the best money spent in my life. I met [PG student] Sammy and what an enjoyable time ... good helpful company, a splendid advertisement for your programme to have someone this capable and high achieving. “ - Will Hopkin

“[A-CET] is run by an enormously committed man, the charity is also efficient in terms of the moneys raised and the on-the-ground delivery. The school built last year ... can make a huge difference for hundreds of kids” - Tobias Woerner

“Your photos of the desks really show where the cash goes, here’s some more” - R Tonge

“Your powerful enthusiasm is compelling” - Kevin Turner

“I’ve never known a charity that does even a quarter of what you are doing with the budget you have”. - Dr A Wassie

“What a remarkable and worthwhile job you are doing” - Fabienne Emmerlich

“As a UK secondary school teacher, I groan at your students’ enthusiasm” - JW

“Respect your work and initiative” - KS “Obviously doing a cracking job” - RA

" Very impressed with your organization’s approach” - Mervyn Montgomery, Irish Rovers

“Your Ethiopian student in UK has provided us with all your material needed to support our marathon event, so good that you have students of such calibre so involved in supporting your work - most impressed” - MW event fundraiser, A-CET

New donors, after seeing our student & EYES Manager at Live 8

“The most significant part of the Concert” - Chancellor (now PM) Gordon Brown

“... admiration at the dignity, serenity & radiance of Birhan on Live 8. A truly remarkable & poised ambassador for her people. Congratulations” - GMcK

Donors who have visited Ethiopia

" I visited A-CET in Ethiopia during Jul 08 and was very impressed with what I saw. The charity’s focused & efficient approach to long-term, locally managed, sustainable education is hard to fault. Bisrat Mesfin, a former A-CET student who manages the Ethiopian operations - is highly competent & committed. It is difficult to imagine a charity that makes more efficent & effective use of donations than A-CET.” - JJ

“I was well looked after by EYES, your school projects are impressive, but better was your use of competent local staff who run everything.” - Oliver Harvey

“A spectacular country ... I feel nostalgic for you all and see myself returning ... with your limited resources your work is incredible ... the most tangible way to express my thanks is to raise more funds.” - AG, major fund-raider see Angela's web-site

“You are doing so much that is so worthwhile, but I was made aware how very much more there is to do ... will re-double our fund-raising efforts.” - Iain Sachdev, GIN Milan

Our 2007 donor visitors Riley family & Coornhert Gymnasium students from the Netherlands

“Ethiopia is one of the safest, friendliest places I have visited in my extensive overseas travelling. Everything went according to schedule and whilst the historic and cultural sites were impressive, the memory that will stay with me forever is those happy school children singing their hearts out.” - Martyn Riley, School project donor