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What our students say

“I appreciate the excellent hard-work of A-CET that gives me sustained life. Before A-CET I had many problems with my education, health and family. Those problems tried to cancel my aims and intelligence, I felt desperate and useless. The day that I met Mr. David was a great day in my life than other days. When he asked me politely about my life situation I told him all the problems that face my aim and then he shared his life experience, advise plus his encouragement. A-CET helps me in many ways, one is by monthly allowance and by advice in my education. A-CET has a great role in overcoming poverty and illiteracy through education. Thank A-CET volunteers & all supporters - I’m happy to get this chance”. Abel Girmay, BSc (Computer Science) Undergraduate

“When A-CET found me I was in a financial crisis with no food, clothes, shelter and my education discontinuing. David met me and I joined A-CET. He shares his life experience and grateful advice to study. I never forget that day... really A-CET gave me a proper ladder for my future. Without its encouragement, my hope may not become a reality or fruitful ... I have a bright future and confidence in my life and I develop good social conduct. I am very grateful. EYES are handling the work properly and all donors should appreciate the prompt payment of our allowances. I'm in Mekelle so I've visited almost all of the students and talking to them I see how they feel loved and have improved their life condition because of A-CET. Building elementary schools in remote areas to encourage poor farmers to send their children to school is another issue that renders special appreciation and sincere thanks to this genuine organization. I am proud of A-CET’s achievements. I’ve deep and respectful gratitude to A-CET supporters, volunteers and all donors. I am so glad to become an A-CET member”. - Desta Afeweke, BA (Accounts) now businessman and EYES Director

“A-CET's consistent care, support & encouragement, have helped me get my present malaria research post. Educate us and let us sort out Africa's problems.” - Sammy Ayalew, BSc, MSc, MPhil

“10 years of A-CET; what a great success! So many youngsters liberated from the darkness of illiteracy to a bright & promising future. I'm proud to be an A-CET student which has helped to make me one of the top students, let God bless all A-CET's donors” - Habte Melesse BA Linguistics

“I'm happy with A-CET's 10th anniversary. A-CET means everything regarding my education & live aid - to me, my fellow students & my country”. - Sami Mekonnen, BA Social Anthropology

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Abel Girmay with David
Sammy at DMU Leicester with EYES Manager Bisrat
Dave Stables' autobiography
There are three types of people in life: Those who helped you in difficult times, those who left you in difficult times and those who put you in difficult times!


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