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EYES Circus

The vibrant group combining education & entertainment

EYES Circus is a voluntary initiative self selected youth club based in Mekelle, managed and administered by EYES. It has about 45 boys & girls aged 11 to 25, all either in full-time education or graduated. Whilst we support their activities the free public shows they perform are their own. They rehearse every evening and often at weekends. It fosters the importance of education, and through drama, music and circus, promotes awareness of civic responsibility, anti rape, physical/sexual abuse & AIDS.

A-CET/EYES support the full-time educational scholarships of all these youngsters. Whilst education takes priority over rehearsals. Many children are from deprived backgrounds, orphaned, abandoned or displaced. All members learn self-discipline, team-work, coordination, reliability gaining incredible self confidencve, whilst, we hope, having fun.

EYES aims to provide a structure of loving supportive care with team-work and in a disciplined environment. We see the Circus & Band as a vehicle which offers the children and young people a setting in which to develop their confidence and self esteem as well as an understanding of the value of fellowship and community which grows out of shared endeavour.

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Millennium Show Hawelti Hall
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