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Volunteering - UK

In the UK we always have a number of rather boring routine tasks. Difficult if you don’t live in Leicester with your own transport. So try this link: Volunteering England

Volunteering Overseas

Whilst well intentioned “volunteering” is seldom helpful unless you are a well trained and experienced skills teacher accustomed to the culture. Every foreigner who works in Ethiopia takes a job away from a qualified Ethiopian and the income for a whole family. Ethiopians understand their needs and culture better and we believe these are the people to help themselves. As a small organisation with a minimal infrastructure we are unable to arrange or cater for foreigners. We encourage our local staff to actively manage and our students volunteer when free.

Is volunteering overseas really the best way you can help? Consider what you can offer, what skills and qualifications do you have? Sorry but “Wanting to help” is no longer enough. Is “volunteering” not being rather self indulgent? To help Africa we need to facilitate Africans to help themselves, train them or give them the financial resources to do what they know needs doing. The cost of your air-fare alone would fully support one of our students at school for five years. Maybe not so adventurous or exciting, but running a marathon or other fund-raising can be far more effective.

Visiting rural Africa where we work means living without a lot of basics; not only difficult but it can put a great strain on your hosts. However well meaning you are, flaunting your possessions and wealth can be insensitive. How would you react to an Ethiopian volunteer coming to help you? If you are determined to volunteer overseas, we suggest you contact any of the reputable professional organizations listed below.

We recommend Meaningful Travel, which will provide short teaching volunteer placements throughout Ethiopia, including around Mekelle, where we are based.

We list below links to other volunteering organizations who may help you:
Bunac. Challenges Worldwide. Charity Challenges V Charity Young Volunteers. Do it volunteering opportunities Gap Sports Teaching & Projects Abroad Education First. Gap Year Gap Year for Grown Ups. International NGOs Mondo Challenge. Raleigh Int. Skill Share. Projects Abroad. Travellers Worldwide. UK Volunteering Vacation Work VSO. World Service Enquiry

Ethiopian Travel

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Recommended Tour Agent

May we fully recommend Tony Hickey with a life times dedication and interest in Ethiopia and the Ethiopians of Ethiopian Quadrants with whom we are proud to have had a cooperative association for decades.

The Danakil depression, visit this incredibly beautiful country full of unique and fascinating surprises.

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